My Big Toe

My big toe was broken. It hurt me badly and I cannot even walk with my own legs. Julie worked on it. She also advised me how to ease the pain and heal faster. NOW IT IS NO LONGER BOTHERING ME.

Excellent P.T.!


My Annoying Issue Of Vertigo

Julie was able to help me with  an annoying issue of vertigo that was a problem when I was laying in bed or rising from a seated position. She did a thorough check to determine what was causing the problem, then devised a plan of physical and eye exercises that have pretty much cleared up the entire issue.
It is so nice to be able to turn over in bed and stand up without dizziness!!

Julie is a great Physical Therapist and I can highly recommend her.

Ireta Ekstrom, PH. D.
Mt. Pleasant, MI

Ireta Ekstrom

Made me feel better not only physically but mentally as well

Julie made me feel better not only physically but mentally as well.
She is such a kind soul and so caring of everyone.

I usually missed seeing her when I was better.
If I ever had a problem I wouldn’t go to anyone else. She’s the Best.

Nancy Loomes

Nancy Loomis

Lymphedema and Pain

I have lymphodema swelling in my leg, and Julie has helped me tremendously. The experience was very helpful, and my swelling reduced. Julie has taught me how to help when the muscle pain increases, and how to recognize how one thing leads to another. She is kind and a pleasure to talk with. I am so glad she is now at St Jude’s, and I look forward to visiting in the future.

Lisa Voss


Julie always makes me feel better.

Janet Klumpp

She does it better

I tried some other Physical Therapist, I’ve been working with Julie for a while and she does it better.

Jason Hohner

Happy with my visit

I was very happy with my visit with Julie today. She always makes me fell good.

Janet Klumpp

Very Knowledgeable and Observant

Julie is very knowledgeable and observant of body mechanics.

Very good result after 3 visits.

Julie Oliver

She has great tips and home exercises

Even when I’m hurting, one visit to Julie and my pain is reduced. She has great tips and exercises for me to do at home too!

Julie Oliver

Julie awesome!!!

Julie awesome!!! Julie very professional and caring.

Randall Souder


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